Информационное сопровождение онкологический пациентов


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Equal right to life" with the support of private clinics organize a free consultation with leading oncologists of the country. To get consultation anyone can call the hotline 8499 271-57-59 (work on weekdays from 10 am to 20 pm).
Executive Director,
Equal Right To Live Non-Profit-Making Partnership
D. A. Borisov

At first, a fundamental and strong decision was made by the state: in 2005 in Russia, an additional drug provision program started to work, and due to it in five years the access to state-of-the-art technologies for treatment of severe diseases increased by dozens of times.

Multiple increases in financing are just part of the process that allows to save human life. It is evident that the state money cannot save the lives of its citizens without physicians' knowledge and experience, without appropriate equipment and special infrastructure.

Opinion leaders in cancer treatment decided that in order to support the steps taken by the state, a public program should be installed that would consolidate the efforts of all the strata of the Russian society to fight the dreadful disease. The program was developed and our organization, Non-Profit Partnership "Equal Right to Life", was created for its implementation. And five years later, we are proud of our achievements. Due to the continuous support of cancer experts, regional physicians, healthcare managers, good corporate citizens, representatives of public and governmental organizations, we were able to help thousands of patients.

Today in our country a healthcare modernization program is initiated. The goals and tasks that our president and government determined will definitely be measured by thousands of saved lives of our fellow citizens, but to achieve that quickly and efficiently, support from the community and professionals is needed, and that is our mission as we see.

We are sincerely appreciative and thankful to all who worked with us and supported us all this time, and we are sure that out joint efforts will facilitate the implementation of many other important projects.