Информационное сопровождение онкологический пациентов

How to help?

How to help 

We invite you to become a partner and sponsor of our programs. We would appreciate any help of personal or corporate level. Our activities are governed by applicable law as well as the strict principles of legal and financial reporting to sponsors.

Every year in our country about 300.000 people are dying from cancer. This is population of average Russian city. Most of these deaths could be prevented.

The main problem is that cancer reveal too late, when the patient can no longer be saved, and when treatment is outdated and inefficient methods.

We are grateful for the provision of any feasible help to carry out specific activities aimed at supporting patients.

School of patients in all cities of the country, during which patients diagnosed with cancer receive full-time consultations leading oncologists of the country (federal cancer centers), as well as legal and psychological support.

Hotline 8-800-200-2-200 informs about modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

In addition, we organize additional educational programs for oncologists on innovative technologies in cancer treatment (Lectures, seminars and internships), which are lead by experts of international level.

Information on all ongoing activities as well as our sponsors are widely publicized in the media.