Информационное сопровождение онкологический пациентов



About the Programme

Most of the problems arising in contemporary oncology can only be solved by uniting efforts of professionals, representatives of state authorities, and society itself. To achieve this, the country’s leading oncologists have united to propose, develop, and launch the All-Russian Oncological Social Programme «Equal Right to Live», a non-governmental programme with the main focus on attracting the attention of all walks of life of Russian society to solving problems related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oncological diseases.

The major goal of the «Equal Right to Live» programme is providing equality of rights to Russian patients and equality of information to Russian oncologists with regard to the latest worldwide achievements in oncology. Furthermore, each physician, whatever the region he / she works in, must have equal opportunities to use state-of-the-art diagnostics and utilize modern methods of treatment of oncological diseases in his / her practice. Every Russian citizen, wherever they live and whatever their social status or financial competence are, has the right to access free modern diagnostics, and every patient has the right to be given the most efficient antineoplastic treatment.

The programme includes plans for a number of educational events organized for professionals: chemotherapists, surgeons, and radiologists, which will feature experts from the country’s leading oncological research centres and help convey knowledge of the latest experience in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours. To pass practical skills related to innovative oncology technologies, the Russian Research Centre of Oncology after the name of N. N. Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Research Institute of Oncology after the name of Prof. N. N. Petrov, and the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as well as a number of other leading medical centres, have been holding specialist training, certification courses, and postgraduate clinics aiming to educate representatives from regional oncological dispensaries in modern techniques utilized in the early diagnosis of oncological diseases and to familiarize them with the most precise diagnostic approaches at molecular-genetic level, which will assist them in administering targeted, timely, and the most effective treatment allowing the maximum quality of life level in oncological patients.