Информационное сопровождение онкологический пациентов


Programme  ⁄  Objectives 

Programme Objectives

Introduction of modern innovative technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases

The programme includes plans for a number of educational events organized for professionals: chemotherapists, surgeons, and radiologists, which will feature experts from the country’s leading oncological research centres and help convey knowledge of the latest experience in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours. To pass practical skills related to innovative oncology technologies, the Russian Research Centre of Oncology after the name of N.N.Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Research Institute of Oncology after the name of Prof. N.N.Petrov, and the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, as well as a number of other leading medical centres, should organize specialist training, certification courses, and postgraduate clinics aiming to educate over 300 (in the year 2007) professionals from regional oncological dispensaries in modern techniques utilized in the early diagnosis of oncological diseases and to familiarize them with the most precise diagnostic approaches at molecular-genetic level, which will assist them in administering targeted, timely, and the most effective treatment allowing the maximum quality of life level in oncological patients.

These specialist training courses envisage, apart from practical work in hospital departments, the organization of educational seminars and conjoint consultations featuring leading experts where complicated clinical cases will be discussed, as well as round tables aiming to share experience between specialists from different regions.

With the support of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, regional health centres specializing in oncology will host field certification courses featuring leading experts from the Chair of Oncology. Oncological institutions of various regions have been included in the schedule of certification courses.

In a joint programme with the Research-Scientific Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Haematology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, specialist training for pediatric oncologists and haematologists will be organized as well. Besides, field postgraduate clinics are planned for various regions, they will involve the banner personnel of the Institute.

In the course of educational events organized for oncologists, participation in concurrent All-Russian scientific conferences and congresses is envisaged. The duration of training will be discussed with referred specialists and heads of regional oncological centres and will vary between 72 and 144 hours.

In the educational part of the 2007 programme, regional oncological dispensaries will hold over 300 master classes featuring experts from leading oncological research centres. In the course of these events, lectures and seminars touching upon the latest achievements in oncology will be organized, as well as conjoint consultations focusing on the most complicated clinical cases; applicable experience will be shared between professionals from various oncological dispensaries.

Modernization of the logistical support of regional oncological health centres

Search for non-budgetary financial backing for the modernization of the logistical support of regional oncological health centres is one of the top-priority objectives of the Programme aimed at practical realization of the underlying concept of this Programme, i. e. to make the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies available for all Russian patients. The Programme envisages maintenance of health care facilities and supply of modern medical equipment financed on a gratuitous (charitable) basis, with non-budgetary sponsorship. Plans include a range of measures, such as preliminary expertise of the existing logistical base of oncological dispensaries, coordination of maintenance work loads and lists of necessary medical equipment, and organization of activities according to the magnitude of available non-budgetary funds within each of the Federal Districts. In 2007, laboratories of regional oncological dispensaries will be supplied with laboratory equipment for the most precise diagnostics of malignant neoplasms and determination of individual tumour characteristics; these laboratories will also be equipped with diagnostic reagents and service materials purchased and relocated to them for free; adequate training of physicians and other medical personnel will be organized.

Keeping the population and oncological patients familiarized with the latest achievements in oncology

As part of this Programme, a free federal hotline "Equal Right to Live" (8-800-200-2-200) was created in the Spring of 2006. The major task of this hotline is to inform the population and oncological patients about the latest achievements in oncology, the possibilities of modern methods in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumours, and organization of personal and extramural consultations. In the one year of the “Equal Right to Live” hotline’s existence, 50 consulting physicians from 40 regions of Russia have taken part in it. The 2007 plans include a 2-fold increment in the number of hotline consultants, which will involve all regions of the country, the launch of consultation centres, and the start of a campaign focusing on healthy lifestyle information and the value of medical follow-up.