Информационное сопровождение онкологический пациентов


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Programme Philosophy

In Russia, just like in the rest of the world, constant increments in numbers of patients with malignant tumours have been registered lately year after year. At present, oncology centres of the country list over 2.4 million people as their patients. Expert estimates predict 3 million of oncological patients in Russia in 10 years’ time. Apart from the increasing morbidity, the Russian society is presently faced with such difficult problems as belated diagnosis, use of outdated therapeutic regimens, and lack of high-tech equipment and modern antineoplastic drugs in health care facilities. Furthermore, little attention is given to the quality of life of oncological patients, and their social and psychological rehabilitation.

Most of the problems arising in contemporary oncology can only be solved by uniting efforts of professionals, representatives of state authorities, and society itself. To achieve this, the country’s leading oncologists have united to propose, develop, and launch the All-Russian Oncological Social Programme "Equal Right to Live".

The major goal of the "Equal Right to Live" programme is providing equality of rights to Russian patients and equality of information to Russian oncologists with regard to the latest worldwide achievements in oncology. Furthermore, each physician, whatever the region he / she works in, must have equal opportunities to use state-of-the-art diagnostics and utilize modern methods of treatment of oncological diseases in his / her practice. Every Russian citizen, wherever they live and whatever their social status or financial competence are, has the right to access free modern diagnostics, and every patient has the right to be provided with the most efficient antineoplastic treatment.

The Programme is designed to provide the following:

To Russian oncological patients:

  • the right to well-timed application of the latest methods in oncology diagnosis;
  • the right to achieve antineoplastic treatment complying with the international therapy standards;
  • the right to adequate quality of life;
  • the right to use experience of foreign organizations and support groups that have proven their usefulness and efficacy;
  • the right to obtain psychological support.


To Russian oncologists and haematologists:

  • the right to get hold of reliable information on Russian and regional oncological morbidity and mortality levels;
  • the right to use state-of-the-art medical technology achievements for the diagnosis of oncological diseases;
  • the right to use the most effective antineoplastic drugs in daily practice;
  • the right to be given free theoretical and practical knowledge on the progress in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation approaches.

To all Russian citizens:

  • the right to timely diagnosis of possible oncological diseases.

To Russian society:

  • the right to be called a country, which has, at last, opened its eyes to the problem of cancer and embarked on uncompromising fighting with it in the interests of its people.